This Week, I Read Kate Garrett: A View from the Phantasmagoria

Image credit: Larm Rmah “Let me live behind a reclaimed mask set with jewels/long-ago dropped from bracelets, rings – abandoned/settings gather dust like empty coffins,” the speaker says in Kate Garrett’s poetry collection, A View from the Phantasmagoria. A View from the Phantasmagoria can be read on two levels–on one, it’s a collection of supernatural…

This Week, I Read Kate Garrett’s To Feed My Woodland Bones

Image Credit: Taylor@xoutcastx In To Feed My Woodland Bones, Kate Garrett defines a changeling as “a strange, ugly child/left in exchange for/a beautiful, wanted child.” Typically, the changeling is a fairy, who has been left in the place of a child. The stolen child has been taken to fairy, where he or she remains, forever….