Tips for Working from Home from a Freelance Writer

Image credit: pardani ardan via Unsplash

Technically, I’ve been practicing social distancing for the past two and a half years. I absolutely thrive when I don’t have to go in to work. Being at home is my happy space. Welcome to the wonders of working remotely. It’s a really beautiful thing once you hit your stride. If you’re new at being productive when not going into the office, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Come Up with a Regular Schedule, then Stick To It. Routine will help you to focus. Continue to keep regular working hours. Get up at the same time as you usually do, then eat a good breakfast before diving in.
  2. Get Dressed. I know the allure of wearing your pajamas is strong. However, this is a really good way to put yourself in the doldrums. If you get dressed as though you’re going to work, it really helps you to keep up that I’m-At-Work mentality.
  3. Do Not Work from Bed. Your bedroom is where you relax. It will help you to focus better if you’re working at say, the dining room table, or the couch. You will also sleep better if you haven’t been in bed all day.
  4. Take Breaks. Since I write, I take a good twenty minute break every two thousand words.
  5. Turn off the TV, and Log Off Social Media While You’re Working. You’re not allowed to do it when you’re at your workplace. Why are you doing it when working from home? Avoid anything that disrupts productivity.


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